Glasgow's Leading Attractions

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Glasgow Best Restaurants

The Glasgow Restaurant Association (GRA) is home to our city’s best restaurants. With its stylish, energetic and diverse restaurants, cafes and bars, it’s no surprise that Glasgow is consistently cited as one of the must-visit destinations in travel guides worldwide.

With a cosmopolitan feel of an international city in terms of its food offerings but the community spirit of a village in terms of hospitality, the familiar strapline that “People Make Glasgow” really does ring true – something we pride ourselves on at all Glasgow’s Leading Attractions.

Working together we offer our visitors, both local, national and international amazing days out.

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Glasgow Subway

At Glasgow’s Leading Attractions, our aim is to make your day out in Glasgow amazing, and since we’ve already got you covered with the best things to do and see, we thought we’d turn to transport.  And what better way to get around the city than the Glasgow Subway.

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Glasgow Taxis

Nobody knows the city like Glasgow Taxis.  With over 800 licensed taxis on the city’s roads 24 hours a day, every day of the year, you can always be assured of a friendly service.   All the drivers are trained and certified to the highest standards and can always be relied on for a bit of the Glasgow banter!

Offering a range of guided tours, including Glasgow City tours, a Charles Rennie Mackintosh tour or visit to Loch Lomond, it’s a great way to see both our fabulous city and further afield.

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